• ITS Program Engineer

    Enclose Mfg. Inc
    Job Description
    This is an excellent opportunity for a well-qualified individual. The position includes excellent pay and benefits.
    Person to head, manage and assist in developing an ITS program for DOT Traffic Systems.

    Qualifications for the position:

    1. Bachelor's degree or equivocal in electrical engineering

    2. Minimum 5 years' experience working with or on DOT ITS projects (Level 3 Field Operator) licensed.

    3. Experience in designing and managing ITS Field Traffic Cabinets. Used for State and Local City Run intersection Controls designs.

    4. Experience in working with project engineers for State DOT DMS, VMS systems

    5. Strong management

    This individual would be responsible for managing multiple work inputs and outputs while working with project engineers and sales team in designing ITS cabinet systems per State DOT requirements and specifications. Individual will need to know the in's and outs in obtaining successful RFQ's and all equipment needed for said projects.

    Experienced in using and programming electronic devices and systems for Traffic Cabinet Models: 332L, 334L, 336S and The New ATC Cabinets using a variety of electronic devices for Traffic Flow Controls.

    Equipment examples listings below:

    M-6D Detector Card Racks, UPS Systems, Surveillance cameras systems, Ethernet switches, Hub switches, Fiber optic panels, Vehicle detection systems, Loop monitors, Power Supply Units, Surge Suppression devices, Automatic Transfer Switches, and other network devices used in controlling traffic flows also included would be having the ability to carry out a proven robust testing process using the (HALT) principles.

    Enclose Manufacturing Inc. USA made ISO 9001-2015 Certified company,

    UL Listed 508A_panel manufacturer of Industrial Electrical Enclosures and ITS Traffic Cabinets.

    IMSA Member

    Formed and founded in 1997-98 Founder CEO/President

    Bill Wegleitner

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