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  • Certified Nurse Assistant

    Firesteel Healthcare Center
    Job Description
    GENERAL PURPOSE:  Perform direct resident care duties under the supervision of licensed nursing personnel.  Assist with promoting a compassionate physical and psychosocial environment for the residents.
    GENERAL                    Duties:  Observe and practice safety according to facility policy and procedure.  Able to
    SKILLS                         explain and demonstrate fire/emergency procedures.  Properly use and maintain facility equipment.  Show respect for facility property.  Demonstrate and able to explain infection control and isolation procedures.  Demonstrate and able to explain proper body mechanics.  Ensure residents are given correct diet.  Use proper feeding techniques while respecting personal dignity and meeting the residents’ needs for socialization.  Make beds correctly and wrinkle free.  Maintain residents’ rooms in neat, orderly and clutter-free manner.  Support residents’ participation in activity programs.
    CUSTOMER                 Duties:  Promote and maintain positive relationships with co-workers, residents,
    SERVICE                      visitors, volunteers, and regulators.  Directly respond, within their scope of practice, to
    SKILLS                         needs and concerns of residents and family members.  Work with the care giving team to identify and resolve resident and family issues.  Promptly respond to call lights and other resident needs.
    RESIDENTS’                 Duties:  Treat residents with compassion and dignity.  Establish effective
    RIGHTS                        communication/interaction with residents and families.  Ensure residents’ right to privacy (visual and auditory).  Maintain confidentiality of resident and facility records/information.  Show respect for residents’ personal property.  Ensure residents are dressed appropriately, consistent with weather conditions, and according to their wishes.  Recognize a resident’s ability to make choices and support these within the constraints of the care giving environment.  Communicate with members of the care giving team about residents’ personal choices.  Communicate residents’ “end of life” concerns and wishes to the Charge Nurse.  Is sensitive and appropriately responsive to each resident’s “end of life” wishes.
    NURSING CARE          Duties:
    • Perform the following according to policy and procedure: Take and record temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure.Ambulate residents.Apply proper lifting and transferring techniques.Provide proper positioning and use of postural supports.Maintain residents’ positioning, as needed.Weigh residents on schedule and record weights accurately.Provide restorative and rehabilitative nursing.Provide active and passive range of motion.Implement bowel and bladder program.Collect certain specimens for cultures pursuant to facility policy and within the scope of duties.
    • Ensure residents’ comfort while assisting them in achieving their highest practicable level of functioning as follows:Assist residents with their activities of daily living.Provide oral care and hygiene pursuant to plan of care.Provide nail care pursuant to plan of care.Assist residents with dressing and grooming according to their needs, wishes and desires.Bathe residents with attention to privacy, respecting dignity and providing a safe and relaxing experience.
    • Performs work safely by consistently using gait belts, back supports and lifts.
    NURSING CARE          Duties: Report the following to the Charge Nurse and the care giving team as
    EVALUATION              appropriate and/or document according to policy and procedure:  A significant change in a resident’s condition, a change in a resident’s vital signs or weight, any accidents and injuries, any changes in a resident’s skin integrity, behavioral changes, signs of resident depression or anxiety, changes in a resident’s ambulation status, the level of the resident’s food consumption, and the resident’s intake of food and liquids as well as the resident’s output, when indicated.
    NURSING CARE          Duties:  Participate in collecting data needed for the accurate completion of the MDS
    PLANNING                  and the plan of care.  Show understanding of information that is provided by the ADL flow sheets.  Provide input to the Nurses for development of the plan of care.  Provide information gathered from care giving activities to the Charge Nurse.
    CONTINUING              Duties:  Assist in the orientation and training of other staff.  Attend orientation,
    EDUCATION                mandatory in-service and education programs and staff meetings.
    SAFETY                        Duties:  Comply with all Company policies related to safety and infection control procedures, including the proper use of mechanical lifts, gait belts and personal protective back supports.
    RESIDENTS’ RIGHTS   Duties:  Understand, comply with and promote all rules and regulations regarding
    AND POSITIVE            residents ‘rights; promote positive relationships with residents, visitors, and
    RELATIONSHIPS         regulators, to include presenting a professional appearance.
    STAFF                          Duties:  Attend and participate in educational activities, in-service training and staff
    DEVELOPMENT          meetings; assist in orientation and training other staff.
    QUALITY                      Duties:  Participate in Quality Improvement activities as assigned.
    OTHER DUTIES            Duties:  Other duties as assigned or needed.
    Physical and Sensory Requirements (With or Without Aid of Mechanical Devices):
    Walking/mobility, reaching, bending, grasping, pushing, lifting, transferring and repositioning residents, pulling, fine hand coordination; ability to read and write; ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions; ability to verbally communicate with residents and others; ability to distinguish smells, tastes and temperatures; ability to hear and respond to pages; ability to understand and apply training and in-service education; ability to instruct personnel during training education and staff meetings; and ability to remain calm in emergency situations and when handling multiple tasks.
    • Must be a Certified Nursing Aide in good standing with the state, or must within four (4) months of employment successfully complete state-required training and a competency evaluation program.Must maintain a current certification in the state throughout employment.
    • Must achieve 12 hours of in service education annually as required by federal regulations (as well asmeet state requirements, if exceeds federal).
    • Must have ability to read, write and follow oral and written directions at a level necessary to accomplish the job.
    • Must be able to relate positively and favorable to residents and families and to work cooperatively with co-workers and supervisors.
    • Must be willing to assist others, including co-workers.
    • Must maintain regular attendance.
    • Must meet all local health regulations, pass post-employment physical exam if required.The requirement also includes drug screening, criminal background investigation and reference inquiry.
    • Must be capable of performing the essential job functions of this job, with or without reasonable accommodation.
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