• Sensory Assistant

    Abbott House, Inc.
    Job Description
    STARTING WAGE:  $19.00 / Hour
    1. Purpose:
      1. The Sensory Assistant will provide consultation, training, and program support to Abbott House staff and girls.
      2. Ensure a detailed sensory diet is implemented as directed by the Sensory Coordinator.
      3. Work in conjunction with staff on the units to provide additional support for the girls.
      4. Provide and integrate sensory programming on the units.
    2. Qualifications:
      1. Bachelor’s Degree.  Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience and training are preferred.
      2. Familiarity with residential treatment programs.
      3. Ability to convey best practice methods to other staff who work directly with children.
      4. Ability to communicate in writing and verbally in a professional manner.
      5. Ability to confer and relate constructively with a range of individuals.
      6. Conscientious and has the ability to manage multiple tasks.
      7. Skill and knowledge in grammar, spelling and punctuation.
    3. Responsible To:  Sensory Coordinator
    4. Principal Accountabilities:
      1. Work with children one on one and in small groups.
      2. Implement sensory plans, tailor equipment and provide sensory programming for residents.
      3. Guide and support residents using their Sensory Diet, Sensory Room, Wellness Center, and Gym.
      4. Develop information and educate residents based on resident’s sensory needs, guiding them towards independently using their sensory tools.
      5. Provide “on the job” training and help supervise sensory programming.
      6. Diligently track the effectiveness of sensory programming using the system provided.
      7. Work with the clinical and residential team to implement sensory programming on the units.
      8. On call responsibilities on a rotating basis. 
      9. Performs any other duties and/or tasks that may be assigned on an as needed basis.
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