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    Abbott House, Inc.
    Job Description

    STARTING WAGE:  $20.50 / HOUR
    1. Purpose:
    The Training Coordinator is a major part of the Abbott House work environment. The Training Coordinator is responsible for training newly hired staff, presenting ongoing training for retained staff, evaluating staff satisfaction, and reducing staff turnover.
    A.Master’s Degree, or a Bachelor’s Degree and two years of treatment program experience.
    1. Familiarity with residential treatment programs.
    2. Ability to clearly communicate best practice methods via written and verbal communication to employees who work directly with children.
    3. Ability to confer and relate constructively with a range of individuals.
    4. Conscientious and has the ability to manage multiple tasks.
    1. Responsible  To:  Program Director
    2. Hours and Schedule:  40 hour week, rotating on-call schedule
    3. Principal Accountabilities
    1. Monitor the Council on Accreditation requirements for the agency to remain in good standing and ensure compliance with all training related topics.
    2. Create and maintain a yearly training plan that is in compliance with the Council on Accreditation and South Dakota Sate Licensing requirements.
    3. Act as the primary trainer for all new employees and maintain records of all required training.
    4. Implement, maintain, and train all employees and provide detailed records clearly demonstrating all training completed.
    5. Provide ongoing training and support for staff to bolster confidence and reduce staff turnover.
    6. Provide ongoing neurofeedback programming for residents.
    7. Perform other assignments or special duties, such as supervising residents, as assigned.
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