• CNC Machine Operator

    AKG North American Operations Inc.
    Job Description
    Summary: Operate the CNC machine to produce tanks, based on the work order and blueprint instruction. 

    Essential Functions: 
    • Read and understand detailed work order instructions and blueprints.
    • Set up the cycle time on the machine, when starting the shift. 
    • Compare work orders with the tanks provided, load the monitor with this order information.
    • Manually load the CNC machine with the aluminum raw material, and operate the machine. 
    • Monitor and periodically check the machine to make sure it is running properly, check the tanks to make sure they are being produced within quality standards.  
    • Attach helical coil to the tank if indicated on the work order instructions. 
    • De-burr the tanks after they have been cut in the CNC machine. 
    • Document and label the finished tanks. 
    • Position the tanks in the weld prep machine, and make adjustments to the machine to tighten the tanks in place. 
    • Operate the weld prep machine to cut the bevel to cut and bevel the sides of the tank. 
    • Position the tanks into the corner cutting machine, if needed, and bevel the corners of the tanks. 
    • Fill the carts with finished tanks, and manually push those carts to the designated storage are.
    • Meet the production quotas that were received from the Lead or Supervisor. 
    • Report any issues to the supervisor, or appropriate personnel, as soon as detected. 
    • Adhere to all policies, procedures, and/or requirements set forth in AKG's environmental management system (EMS).
    • Regular physical attendance is a requirement for this position. Refer to AKG attendance policy in the Information Handbook for Employees.
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