• Paint Line Production Helper

    AKG North American Operations Inc.
    Job Description
    Summary: Use the powder coating machine to paint the coolers in accordance with work order instructions and AKG guidelines. 

    Essential Functions: 
    1. Read and understand detailed work order instructions. 
    2. Use computer programs to retrieve information on the coolers, if the paperwork is not supplied or is incomplete.
    3. Manually, or with assistance of a chain hoist, unload the coolers from the skid and hand them on the paintline. 
    4. Check powder levels in the powder coating machine and add more if necessary 
    5. Manually, or with assistance of the chain hoist, lift the cooler off of the paintline once the process is complete.
    6. Inspect the quality of the cooler after it has been powder coated. If needed, use paint to touch up untreated areas. 
    7. Add plugs or package to the coolers if indicated on the work order instructions. 
    8. Meet the p0roduction quotas that were received from the Lead of Supervisor. 
    9. Maintain a clean and safe work environment. 
    10. Report any issues to the Supervisor, or appropriate personnel, as soon as detected. 
    11. Adhere to all policies, procedures, and/or requirements set forth in AKG's environmental management system (EMS).
    12.  Regular physical attendance is a requirement for this position. Refer to AKG attendance policy in the Informal Handbook for Employees. 
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