• Quality Engineer

    AKG North American Operations Inc.
    Job Description
    Supervises and coordinates Quality related activities of AKG North American Operations, Inc. Quality Department personnel engaged in inspecting and testing assembled or partially assembled heat exchange coolers and components throughout production. Applies knowledge of Quality Assurance, Engineering, CMM programming, Lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and ISO-9001:2015 standards and directives to all AKGNA personnel and assists the Quality Department to maintain those requirements outlined in AKG North American Operations, Inc. standards, procedures, and work instructions. Coordinates the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) with Mebane Account Managers for new product releases.

    Essential Function: 


    1.    Supervises all factory inspection activities. Uses engineering drawings, standards, AKG North American Operations, Inc. documentation and associated customer provided information to perform precision and standard measurements on fabricated and machined products to ensure customer compliance. 

    2.    Utilizes the Engineering Change Request process and reviews all approved Engineering Change Notices to ensure the factory is using the correct specification revisions.  

    3.    Provides support to the Quality Manager to plan, implement and maintain the Quality Management System throughout the organization. Monitors data collection for the company’s quality objectives and provides feedback through the analysis of that data.  

    4.    Analyzes existing ISO 9001:2015 quality requirements and promotes employee involvement. Ensures organizational ISO compliance is maintained in all departments and work cells and renders quality engineering assistance where required. 

    5.    Provides support to the Quality and Production departments by programming the Faro Arm CMM to measure and validate machined parts, fabricated components, sub-assemblies and fully assembled units accurately and consistently. 

    6.    Performs production process evaluations to promote and seek out continuous improvement strategies throughout the organization. 

    7.    Routinely inspects measurement devices for calibration control during daily production interaction and ensures production personnel are not using measurement devices that are out of calibration. 

    8.    Issues Quality Alerts in production to immediately inform personnel of substandard manufacturing issues to prevent repeat occurrences and reviews Quality Alert postings for concurrency. 

    9.    Interfaces with plant management, engineering, supervisors, and production personnel to identify, analyze, resolve, and record in-house product defects and production inefficiencies.  

    10.  Analyzes internal cooler cleanliness testing using gravimetric test methods to meet customer requirements.  

    11.  Communicates directly with AKG Customer Account Managers and Engineers to resolve customer complaints effectively and efficiently. 

    12.  Acts as a Lead Auditor during internal audits and provides auditor training and guidance for internal audit activities. 

    13.  Performs indoctrination ISO-9001:2015 training seminars for new employees. Performs follow up training for current employees in all ISO and AKG North American Operations, Inc. requirements. 

    14.  Evaluates production processes for continuous improvement opportunities throughout the organization. 

    15.  Continuously practices good housekeeping, OSHA safety habits, and EPA environmental requirements. Maintains a high level of organization and professionalism during daily activities. 

    16.  Assists the Quality department to maintain ISO controlled documents, data and other administrative files as necessary. 

    17.  Performs other duties as assigned by the Quality Manager. 

    18.  Processes a Quality Engineer may be involved in:

    a.     5S Projects

    b.     6-Sigma Projects

    c.     Production Part Approval Process (PPAPs)

    d.     Quality Training

    e.     Final Inspection

    f.      Receiving Inspection

    g.     Leak Testing

    h.     Gravimetric Testing

    i.      Calibration

    j.      Auditing / Sorting

    k.     CMM programming

    l.      CMM operation

    m.   Failure analysis

    n.     Customer communication

    o.     On-site product repair

    p.     Quality documentation

    q.     Company representation

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